Leadership for Tipping Point Times

Source: Armstrong McKay et al, 2022, in Science VOL. 377, NO. 6611: “The location of climate tipping elements in the cryosphere (blue), biosphere (green), and ocean/atmosphere (orange), and global warming levels at which their tipping points will likely be triggered.”

Understanding Tipping Point Change

Leadership as a Systemic Attractor

  • Awareness and knowledge of tipping point dynamics, transition states, and systemic transformational change;
  • The capacity to hold space for metamorphic transformation during times of uncertainty and breakdown;
  • The capacity to support people in accessing our future potentials of higher orders of possibility for a thriving world and future;
  • The capacity to inspire trust in our innate potentials that form part of the evolutionary process of life;
  • Deep listening to, and sensing, how systemic attractors, conditions, boundaries, and barriers are acting upon the process of change and emergence.
  • The capacity to enter into imaginal states of consciousness for holding space for higher orders of complexity and coherence.
  • An attitude of love, service, openness, and playfulness, as well as a healthy sense of humour :-)

The Shift to Evolutionary Leadership

  • When people can personally experience how they are part of a larger field of life — an intelligence and wisdom that we can intimately connect with — a profound shift in consciousness starts to take place.
  • This shift in consciousness enters us into a process of inner transformation through which we develop the capacities, perspectives, and understanding for evolving our lives AND our world.
  • As we embark on that journey of transformation, we come to realize how we don’t need to figure it all out, or know the steps ahead. Instead, we learn to trust in life and open to the experiences and perspectives that prepare us for the future that is calling us forth.
  • By connecting with the potential of our evolutionary next step, which is also our future human potential, we start to experience the futures of higher orders of possibilities that form part of our conscious evolution as a species.
  • As we open to and embrace this future potential — within ourselves and our world — we discover the ways to access and apply the powers of renewal, healing, and transformation that are needed for this time.
  • We then become an imaginal cell for our future becoming, and become the evolutionary leaders for our world in transformation.
  • We then discover how we can each become a tipping point for the co-creation of a thriving world and future.

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Anneloes Smitsman, PhD

Anneloes Smitsman, PhD


Futurist, systems scientist, award-winning author, coach, CEO & founder EARTHwise Centre