The Call for a New Paradigm in Politics

Source: IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, Figure: SPM.5
  • Committed to collaborate at all levels of society and across different political parties for the issues that require us to stand together with the Earth, and the urgency of this time.
  • Wiling to risk their popularity, because they understand what it means to be a future ancestor and provide stewardship for the changes ahead.
  • Leading from vision by initiating pathways for resilience and thrivability that empower the necessary economic, governmental, political, and educational transformations for this time.
  • Act on the mandate of the Earth and the future generations, instead of their campaign managers and voter statistics.
  • Courageous to reveal and stop the manipulation of voters through persistent disinformation that seeks to divide people on purpose, for political and economic control.

Politics for a New Paradigm in Civilizational Development

Stepping Stones for a New Paradigm in Politics

  • New paradigm principles of engagement that are based on the fundamental unity of life, and which address the old paradigm engagement of dualistic win-lose competition, domination, control, and short-term interests;
  • Planetary ethics based on respect for planetary boundaries, systemic thresholds, tipping points, fair allocations, and stewardship for an inclusive and thriving world and future.
  • Ecological economies, evolutionary constitutions, and planetary governance that empower planetary health and wellbeing, regeneration, planetary security, resilience, thrivability, and planetary citizenship.
  • Partnerships that include life and our Earth, based on the understanding that the Universe is alive, sentient, and responsive;
  • Giving primacy to the sentience of consciousness in all its forms, and;
  • Developing human capabilities that act in service of life on Earth, and with responsibility for the wellbeing of our planet and future generations.

Tipping Points for Societal Transformation

The making of New Paradigm Constitutions and Law

  1. Unity in diversity — The universe exists as a single unified entity and evolves through deepening evolutionary coherence and increasing embodied complexity, precisely tuned to make life possible. ActionCelebrating unity without uniformity, and diversity without fragmentation, honoring how we each are part of the fundamental unity and indivisible wholeness of life.
  2. Holism and holarchy — The informational architecture of the universe is holarchic, as nested holons (wholes) within larger holons that emerge from more fundamental nonlocal implicate orders of consciousness as a living field of life. Action — Honoring the sacred integrity and informational architecture of living systems and the natural life support systems upon which they depend.
  3. Evolutionary coherence — A dynamic state of harmonic resonance and spontaneous collaboration between the diverse elements and relationships of complex living systems. When systems are evolutionarily coherent, the diversity and complexity of a system collaborates for its thrivability. Action — Applying the fundamental organizing principle of evolutionary dynamics that incorporates a tendency toward the realization of deeply embodied wholeness and cosmic coherence; holotropism.

Becoming the New Paradigm in Politics

  • Autonomy means being able to use your will to direct your attention, intention, behaviors, and actions.
  • Creativity means being able to approach old problems in fresh ways, unbound by external forces that attempt to define you, your circumstances, or your destiny. New challenges require new solutions, and it is through your creative powers that new solutions can begin to emerge.
  • Envisioning deeply and consistently becomes a field of influence and possibility, which is the first step for establishing new forms and norms in the outer world. It can be done in the privacy of your mind, but it becomes even more powerful when done together with others and within the systems and cultures that requires systemic transformation.

The inner shifts for a New Paradigm in Politics — Exercise

  1. Politics as Consciousness — Politics is how we express, develop, and evolve our consciousness, individually and collectively. Envision the consciousness of a healthy, whole, and enlightened politics.
  2. Politics as Sentience — Politics is how we sense, explore, and reach out to one another for what is appropriate, relevant and in service of life as a whole. Attune and develop your sentience capacities by bringing your attention to the consciousness of wisdom that exists in all of us.
  3. Politics as UnityPolitics serves to unite us in our diversity, by placing the well-being of life and our planet at the centre of our common priorities and decision-making. Imagine a world in which politics serves to unite us in our diversity.
  4. Politics as Collaboration — Politics is how we collaborate and work together for the issues, opportunities, and tasks that require concerted and coordinated actions, shared visions, and common responsibilities. Explore your collaborative capacities and actions, and how you can enhance your collaboration with others for a better future.
  5. Politics as Community — Politics serves to bring us together in community with the Earth and each other, to decide, dialogue, and envision together how to act on our individual and collective responsibilities, rights, and opportunities. Make the commitment to joyfully contribute to the health and wellbeing of the communities you are part of.
  6. Politics as Relationship — Politics is a relational process that involves feelings, dreams, aspirations, expectations, beliefs, and actions. Politics as relationship reminds us how to partner with life and each other for a thriving world and future. Invest in your relationships and explore partnering life as a future ancestor of a more evolved and caring world.
  7. Politics as Choice — Politics serves to enable, respect, and protect our power and right of choice. Politics as choice reminds us of our autonomy and our universal rights and responsibilities. Explore the choices that make a new paradigm in politics possible.
  8. Politics as Creativity — Politics serves as a possibility-increasing process that creates the conditions for us to thrive and evolve. Politics as creativity empowers, inspires, and evokes in us the evolutionary response of the worlds we seek to become. Explore your political power as creativity and become aware of how you respond to challenges and opportunities.
  9. Politics as Learning — Politics is a continual learning process that challenges us to develop and grow in consciousness. Reflect on what you are currently learning about yourself and others, and the areas of your consciousness that challenge you to evolve further.
  10. Politics as Healing — Politics is a process through which we can heal the wounds and traumas of division, conflict, and disunity. Politics as healing helps us to develop the heart spaces for learning how to trust, let go, surrender, open, renew, and evolve together. Explore the areas in yourself and your life that require healing support.
  11. Politics as Love — Politics serves to empower and enhance our caring capacities and empathic awareness. Politics as love is how we make it safe, empowering, and joyful to human well together. Envision politics fuelled by the power of love.
  12. Politics as Wisdom — Politics serves to make us wiser people by listening to each other and learning how to steward our Earth in partnership with life. Commit to growing and cultivating your inner wisdom and sharing this with the world around you.
  13. Politics as YOUVividly imagine the ways you can be the New Paradigm in Politics.

Collapse of a World that was never made to last…


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